Sunday | 23. Apr. 2017 | 19:00-21:30

Percussion performance

Sunday, 23th of April, 7 p.m. Tranzit House

Two students from the "Gh. Dima" Academy of Music, studying under Prof. Dr. Mircea Ardeleanu, Domide Nichita and Réman Gergő, will present the special variety of percussion instruments.

We will hear works by: J. S. Bach, A. Piazzola, A. Riedhammer, M. Steinhauer, A. Masson, E. Domokos, Á. Könczei.

Free entrance!

Organizer: Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Monday | 24. Apr. 2017 | 20:00-22:30

Hungarian Film History at Tranzit House

March-May 2017

The Hungarian Film History club continues at Tranzit House. Screenings will take place, for a period of three months. On these occasions a selection of films will be screened, in chronological order, from the silent film to "Eldorado", directed by Bereményi Géza, including determinative films, such as "Love" (Szerelem). The host of the events will be Tibor Schneider (director), who will discuss with experts and film-fans after the screenings. We dedicate the series of projections both to the Hungarian audience, and to those who wish to get acquainted with Hungarian film history.

The films have Romanian subtitles.
Everybody’s welcome!

Monday, April the 24th, 8 p.m.

Professor Hanibal, 1956, drama, 90 min., with Romanian subtitles
Directed by: Fábri Zoltán

The main character of the tragicomedy is an insignificant, apolitical person: high school teacher, Nyúl Béla. Thanks to an absolutely neutral study written about the circumstances of the death of General Hannibal, in the core of the attack of demagogues, those who believe in racial theories, lead to his death. Professor Hannibal campaigns against repressive power, dictatorship and its brutality and stupidity. It is no coincidence that the film had a key role in the events of 1956. But it could be present in any period and anywhere, because it brings a message for every period. Therefore the film has become one of the most popular creations of the Hungarian cinema and Hungarian film critics chose the film, with a secret ballot, in 2000, to be one of the best 12 Hungarian films of the century.

Host: Schneider Tibor
Guest: Molnár Péter, philosopher

Organizer: Tranzit Foundation, Balassi Institute - Hungarian Institute in Bucharest
Supported by: Manda, Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt. Communitas Foundation

Jancsó Miklós: Outlaws (1965, 90’)
Makk Károly: Love (1970, 85’)
Gothár Péter: When time stands still (1981, 96’)
Bereményi Géza: Eldorado (1988, 100’)

Organizer: Tranzit Foundation, Balassi Institute Bucharest
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Tuesday | 25. Apr. 2017 | 19:00-21:30

Parallel century - contemporary music concert

Tuesday, 25th of April, 7 p.m. Tranzit House

Szatmáry Judit – voice
Klenyán Csaba – clarinet
Bartek Zsolt – clarinet
Taraszova Krisztina – piano
Andor Krisztián – piano
Conductor: Kedves Csanád

Serei Zsolt: Namost...
Erik Satie: Petite ouverture a danser
Tornyai Péter: The rest is silence
Francis Poulenc: Sonata for two clarinets/II.
Balogh Máté: Petri-dal
Igor Stravinsky: 5 easy piano pieces/I.
Klenyán Csaba: Panegirikon (Hommage ŕ P.Gy.)
Olivier Messiaen: Visions de l’Amen/I.
Horváth Balázs: Halálomba belebotlok
Erik Satie: Apercus Désagreables/II.
Kedves Csanád: Istenhez közel

John Cage: Soliloquy
Kedves Csanád: Alternerande rörelser (Hommage ŕ J. Cage)

Poems: Petri György

Organizer: CentriFUGA, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

* Tranzit-House reserves the right to modify the program