Monday | 01. - Tuesday | 30. Apr. 2019
April programme at Tranzit House


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Organizer: Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Saturday | 20. Apr. 2019 | 20:00-22:00

Cultul personalității // Tranzitions

”The Cult of Personality” is a performative experiment of relating to recent histories and dead personalities, starting from the documents of the Political Bureau of the Romanian Communist Party and political police files. How do we connect performatively to a hard to understand period?

“The format of the meeting for the three characters is a tabloid TV show- The Cult of Personality – presented by Nicolae Ceauşescu and having Ana Pauker and Gheorghiu-Dej as guests. As the format imposes, the political topics are mixed with spicy details of the private life of the guests, but also with ”artistic moments”, where everyone laughs, sings and dances. Maybe the 1950s was a Shakespearean period but Mihai Lukács’s performance is truly Brechtian.” (Oana Stoica, Scena 9)

With: Oana Rusu, Andrei Șerban, Raj Alexandru Udrea.
Written and Directed by: Mihai Lukács
Music: Rekabu, Nicky Stevens
Scenography: Iulia Toma
Video: Claudiu Cobilanschi
Production: Giuvlipen

Language: romanian

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Tickets and reservations:

Organizer: Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Traditional Dance Culture in Transylvania - World Dance Day

25-27 April 2019

Organizer: Bogáncs – Zurboló Association,Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

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