Dec. 2014

Monday | 01. Dec. 2014 | 15:00

December 1. 15:00


Gábor Tompa’s private theatrical dictionary describes the essence of the theatrical world as the stage director’s life environment. The dictionary may be regarded as the sum total of any central ideas that have emerged during the fifty and some discussions and interviews.

Organizer: INTERFERENCES International Theatre Festival, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Monday | 01. Dec. 2014 | 15:30

December 1. 15.30

Botond Részegh & György Dragomán

The hereby exhibited paintings of Botond Részegh have a rare and appalling feature. They appeal (and this is achieved by a magician or else, I have no idea) to make the eyes listen and not only see. The more attentive one looks at these contours outside time and world and the more one submerges in the steam surrounding these lines the more one can hear some sort of whisper, talk and finally, a scream. This scream goes to the people, all of them and - in my approximate interpretation - says: end the junk yard! Peel things! Search for the lost souls!

Filip Florian

Organizer: INTERFERENCES International Theatre Festival, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Sunday | 07. Dec. 2014 | 16:00

Between friends: the fourth edition of the meeting between the Armenian and Jewish communities

December 7.
4 p.m.

Organizer: Jewish Community Cluj, UAR Gherla, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Friday | 12. Dec. 2014 | 19:00

Parable - bridge over the Someș River - intervention in the public space within The Visible City 2014

12th of December, 2014 .
7 p.m.

This installation comes as a response to the topic of art in the public space program launched this year by AltArt: how do we negotiate the public goods on the urban level ? The work consists in re-tracing the trajectory of the Germans Bridge with the help of a symbolic frozen bridge. Caused artificially by using a water hose suspended over the Someș River, the parable-bridge will naturally materialize with the intake of the weather outside.

This gesture is a continuation of the interventions related to the desire to re-link the cultural and natural elements that are characteristic of the contemporary Cluj: The Museum Square, the independent cultural institution (symbolized by Tranzit House in this case), the Somes River and the Cetatuia Hill. This route is of symbolic importance for Cluj, not only because it uses a nostalgic dialogue with history, but also because it becomes a metaphor for the (multi)cultural character of the city that we live in today. The frozen bridge is in direct contrast with the fire of Denis Tricot (Fire on the Somes River – Virtual Bridge, within the Tranz Art in Situ - the Rehabilitation of Public Space program in 2000), making a new call to reconsider the relations of the city with the River, the relations of the private and the public space, now that the directions of urban planning, for the next 10 years, are discussed within the Cluj City Hall.

Organizer: AltArt
Host and collaborator: Tranzit Foundation

Organizer: AltArt, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Friday | 12. Dec. 2014 | 20:00

Cluj in 5 seconds. Audio visual exhibition
December 12.
8 p.m.

Can facets of a city juxtaposed provide any insight into the city as a whole? Can video snapshots reveal anything whatsoever about Cluj? Deceit, imagination or reality?

Join us for a 2 hour long audio visual exhibition showcasing the videos submitted for the Cluj in 5 seconds competition, accompanied by the live music performance of Magor Bocsárdi, Zsolt Hátszegi, József Iszlai and Levente Váncsa

Organizer: Radina KMA, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Monday | 15. Dec. 2014 | 19:30


Monday, 15th of December 2014., 7.30 p.m.

Tranzit House (Baritiu street no. 16., Cluj)

Lawyers, real estate mafia, executors, police, mayors, secretaries, affective speculators, opportunist artists – they are all pressing on the houses from the neighborhood of highly real-estate value Rahova Uranus wherefrom hundreds of people have been evicted and others are waiting for their turn. The evicted women and their children, together with Mihaela Drăgan are dissecting step by step the process of losing their homes, which is at the same time a profitable business of those who destroy a community. Uranus Rahova area is targeted by property developers due to the central area where is located. The situation of forced evictions however, is a phenomenon present in all districts and sectors of Bucharest, and in all the cities in the country. The deportees subjected to the cleaning process of poor people and Roma people from town centers, along with activists, permanently protest to make their voices heard by those who have the obligation to respect the right to shelter and life regardless of ethnicity or social status.

A play by Mihaela Dragan, Mihai Lukacs and La Bomba Studios will be presented in Cluj-Napoca commemorating 4 years of the evacuation of Coastei Street and moving 300 people on the 17th of December 2010 to Pata Rat, the polluted, segregated and stigmatized area of the garbage dump of Cluj. The supporters of the event are alongside with the community and Coastei Association, and together they continue their fight against social and housing injustice, they claim immediate action from the authorities and also the inclusion of the Pata Rat desegregation plan into the 2014-2020 development strategy of the city.
History of Cluj activism against ghettoization:

Organizer: ERRC, FCDL, Desire Foundation, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall

Friday | 19. Dec. 2014 | 17:00

Organizer: Bogáncs - Zurboló Association, Tranzit Foundation
Location: Tranzit-Hall