Conferences, seminars, round-table discussions


•  Urbanites, 21 st November 2001, round –table discussion about problems related to contemporary arts. Moderator: Ami Barak, Director of FRAC Languedoc-Rosillon

•  "Tits and Butts", 13-14th of June 2001, in the frame of Tranzindex - Workshop in Media Theory, Criticism and Creation. Ovidiu Pecican rised discussions on censorship and body representation. Participants: local social scientists.

•  Art and Censorship , 9th of June 2001, in the frame of Tranzindex - Workshop in Media Theory, Criticism and Creation , round table moderated by Vasile Ernu - editor of Philosophy and Stuff, about the new form of censorship in the present cultural scene ( galleries, art academies, museums, etc.) Participants: Claude Karnoouh, Alexandru Antik, Tincuta Parv, Alexandru Polgar, Pop Cosmin, Heather Hermann.

•  Principles and Practices of seletion at Mediawave Festival, 6th June 2001, in the frame of Tranzindex - Workshop in Media Theory, Criticism and Creation. Moderator: Tibor Schneider-visual artist. Guest: Hartyandi Jeno - film maker, director of Mediawave Film Festival (Hu)

•  Propaganda Slide film projections of '50s and '60s , 18 th of May 2001. Moderator: Tincuta Parv. Paticipants: students and professionals from socials sciences and visual arts.

•  For Another March , 30-31 March 2001, the two days conference on the gender issues proposed topics : "Women Role in Transgressing of Ethnic Border" and "Visual Representations of Feminin Body". Organizers: Desire Foundation, Tranzit Foundation, the Etnocultural Diversity Resource Center, ProHelvetia, French Cultural Center, Sindan Cultural Center. Participants: Rreze Duli, Maria Ionescu, Claudia Kovacs, Letitia Marc, Zarana Papic, Eniko Magyari-Vincze, Mihaela Calut-Frunza, Ruxandra Cesereanu, Csilla Konczei, Ramona Novicov, Elian , Monica Postolache, Marilena Preda Sanc, Maria Vasilieva, Ovidiu Pecican, Magda Carneci and also local scholars and students in social science.

•  "Western Anthropologists in Eastern Europe", 21 th of March 2001 , round-table discussion proposed by the College of Anthropology and Interdiciplinary and Activist Reflexion (CARIA). Moderator: Eniko Magyari-Vincze. Particpants: local social scientists.

•  Tranz art in situ - The Rehabilitation of Public Space , 27 th of February, 2001. Round table discussion. Participants: Christiane Botbol - director of French Cultural Center, Janos Boros - vice-mayor of Cluj, Elkan Gyorgy-urbanist, architect, Romulus Zamfir - local councelor, Peter Pal-director EnergoBit SRL, Franck Schumann- director Freies Institut fur Interdiciplinare Studien and curator, Spitzer Gerhard - Voluntary Association Bannfy, Ioan Muslea - Director TVR Cluj, Timotei Nadasan - Director Balkon Cluj, Tompa Gabor - director of the Hungarian State Theatre Cluj, Csilla Konczei - President of Tranzit Foundation, Miklosi Denes - artistic councelor Euroart project, Viorel Anastasoaie, Tincuta Parv - project coordonator, Kallos Miklos - president of J Comunity Cluj, Spanu Vasile - arhitect, Olivier Apert - writer, Richard Ewards - Specialist in patrimony, Ecume, Pierre-Alain Hubert- artist, Corina Suteu - Director Ecume. 


•  Representing Anthropology and Anthropological Representation of Eastern Europe , 24-27 September 2000, conference involving 40 anthropologists and social scientists from 10 countries.

•  The Art of Public Space , on the 4th of April 2000, Romanian artists Lia and Dan Perjovschi moderated a discussion about ways of living in public space. Doinea Cornea, Gyimesi Eva , and other well-known public persons participated together with members of two local cultural publications, Balkon , and Philosophy&Stuff. Round-table discussion organised with the occasion of Archive of Contemporary Art presentation at Tranzit House


•  Passer/by - 27 th of June 1998, Discussion on the topic of Space and Communication – People in the Urban Space,

28 th of June 1998, Discussion on the topic of "Free and Closed Areas – the Social and Artistic Usage of Space"

• 29 th of June 1998, Discussion: "Narrative and Limited Spaces – Semantic Techniques of Exclusion"


•  We and They - 11 th of October 1997, Who is the Jester? round-table discussion about the inner exile, where a series of musicians, visual artists, philosophers, writers, etc., coming from different regions and cultural backgrounds tried to deconstruct the opposing structure of Eastern European image of social identities. Participants: Balla Zsofia, Kovacs Andras Ferenc, Lang Zsolt, Ovidiu Pecican.