Italy - Transylvania // Resonances

new music concert — 13.10.2019 19:00

The mission of New Music Concerts RESONANCES. Pas à Pas organized by Tranzit Foundation is the promotion and diffusion of new classical, experimental and improvisational music from Transylvania, Romania, and from the whole world. In the frame of this program Tranzit House will be hosting 4 new music concerts, music which belongs to the cultures of this region, reuniting contemporary Romanian, Hungarian, German and Jewish compositions with international music. This music will be interpreted by internationally established musicians who will work with local young interprets.

Pas à Pas
• is a nodal point to local, regional, internationa (ex)change;
• is a presentation platform not only for established interprets, but also for young musicians from Cluj who will be involved in each concert.

The third event of the concert series will take place on 13th October from 20:00, having as guest artist Gianluca Ruggeri from Italia, together with Nichita Domide, Réman Gergő, Antonio Vîntur, Alin Anușcă, Antonia Bodnar and Horváth Tamás from Cluj.

**Program: **

  1. Giorgio Battistelli - Il libro celibe (for solo percussion)
    Intepret: Gianluca Ruggeri
  2. Lorenzo Pagliei - Polaris (for three percussionists)
    Interprets: Nichita Domide, Réman Gergő, Antonio Vîntur
  3. Iancu Dumitrescu - Zenith
    Interprets: Nichita Domide, Réman Gergő
  4. Giorgio Battistelli - Comme un opéra fabuleux (for solo percussion)
    Interpret: Gianluca Ruggeri
  5. Eötvös Péter - Countdown
    Interprets: Nichita Domide, Réman Gergő, Antonio Vîntur, Hováth Tamás


  1. Giorgio Battistelli - Marx, Lenin, Mao Tse Tung (for three percussionists)
    Interprets: Gianluca Ruggeri, Alin Anușcă, Antonia Bodnar
  2. Rodney Sharman - Apollo’s Touch (for vibraphone solo)
    Interpret: Gianluca Ruggeri
  3. Frederico Constanza - Khandroma (for three percussionists)
    Interprets: Alin Anușcă, Antonia Bodnar, Horváth Tamás
  4. Giorgio Battistelli - Psichopompos (for six percussionists)
    Interprets: Gianluca Ruggeri, Réman Gergő, Antonio Vîntur, Horváth Tamás, Alin Anușcă
    Solo marimba: Gianluca Ruggeri, Antonio Vîntur

Gianluca Ruggeri
Gianluca Ruggeri is an interpreter, conductor, author and teacher. He graduated with percussion instruments and choir conducting. After his debut as a percussionist in the lyrical-symphony orchestras of Rome, he concentrated on the contemporary solo and chamber music repertoire, focusing on electro-acoustic research (K. Stockhausen, B. Truax, Y. Taira, M. Lupone) and on “performance” (J. Cage, G. Battistelli, L. Hiller, L. Berio) In 1987 he founded with Antonio Caggiano, ARS LUDI, a modular ensemble with which he played all over the world.
He has given seminars in Italy, France, Greece, China, Indonesia, Kenya and Malta, in 2002 he created the Rumble Quintet with S. Alunni, S. Bollani, A. Caggiano and R. Gatto. Since 2003, he has directed “Ready-Made Ensemble”, a vocal-instrumental ensemble with which he interprets a repertoire of original re-readings of classical and contemporary compositions. Since 2009 he has been a member of the Ensemble Contemporary Music Park.
As an author, he composed pieces for small ensembles and for solo instruments, some of them being published by BMG-Ariola and Edipan, as well as editing incidental music for poetry and theater shows in collaboration with M. Popolizio, I. Forte , A. Rezza, N. Balestrini, L. Ferlazzo Natoli, S. Bergamasco and M. Polla De Luca.
As director, he has directed works by F. Evangelisti, K. Stockhausen, M. Betta, C. Crivelli, M. Fischione, L. Cinque, C. Cardew, L. Berio, S. Reich, B. Sorensen, De Machaut and I. Stravinsky. At present it is dedicated in various ways to deepening the work of S. Reich. He is a teacher of percussion instruments at the Conservatory of Music "S. Cecilia” from Rome.

The organization of the events in the New Music Concerts RESONANCES. Pas à Pas – is funded by AFCN, BGA Zrt., Hungary and Communitas Foundation.

„Cultural project co-financed by Administration of National Cultural Fond. The project does not necessarily represent in any way the position of Administarion of National Cultural Fond, AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the ways in which the results of the project can be used. These are fully the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.”