Keep It in Mind // Tranzit Days 2019

film screening — 18.10.2019 16:00

Keep It in Mind
Tartsd eszedben, Hungary, 1996, 58 min.
Director: Domokos János

A documentary about the “cold days” in Transylvania. Seeking retaliation in 1940, the Hungarian army taking over the village of Ipp in the region of Szilágyság killed 157 local Romanians overnight. The anniversary of the mass murder was made into an ever-more important day of commemoration from the late 1970s onwards, in order to maintain hostility between the Hungarian and Romanian populations. Apart from investigating the killings, the film explores the possibility of, effecting reconciliation between Romanians and Hungarians by repairing a coexistence that was smashed by history.

Projection will be followed by a discussion on Hungarian, with simultaneous Romanian translation.

Guests: Domokos János (director), Dömötör Péter (cameraman), Andrei Rus (One World Romania, Csepei Zsolt

• Keep It in Mind is part of the event series Tranzit Days 2019 “Bridges”.

The organization of the events in the Tranzit Days 2019 “Bridges” is funded by AFCN, BGA Zrt., Hungary and Communitas Foundation.
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