About Hungarian Film Days in Cluj

Film Days Related to Cluj, 10th edition. Anniversary edition, retrospective film selection. 18-23 August 2019

A review of films related to Cluj in all genres, from feature films to animations, from all periods, from the silent film era until the present. Films by authors and film studios from Cluj, films about Cluj and its inhabitants from all over the world.

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Organizer: Tranzit Foundation
Partners: Filmtett Association, Minimum Party, Sapientia University Department of Film, Photography and Media, BBU Cluj, Department of Theater and Film, Video Pontes, EMKISZ, 50 years of Hungarian emission on TVR
Finantial support: Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt, Communitas Foundation, AFCN

Curator: Könczei Csilla
Artistic consultant: Schneider Tibor
Organizing team: Csiki Réka, Emil Florea, Gondos Emőke, Magyari Noémi, Lorand Maxim, Schneider Bence, Seprődi Attila
Moderators: Csiki Réka, Gondos Emőke, Molnár Péter, Seprődi Attila
Location: Tranzit House, Main Hall / Studio / Tranzit Courtyard - Barițiu street no. 16., entrance through the Nameless Street.

In case of rain the projections from the courtyard will be moved indoors. Tranzit House reserves the right for modifying the program. The entry for all the projections is free.