Exhibitions and performances

The foundation organised and hosted exhibitions of works created by students from the Academy of Visual Arts from Cluj, video/projections of the Academy of Theatre and Film from Bucharest, and presented a number of staginess from the Theatre Department of the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj. Consecrated artist, both local and coming from different states also performed several times invited by Tranzit.

•  "All that I will not have" , 1-10 May 2000,. Installations by Hannelore Percec (Swiss). Curator: Vasile Ernu. In collaboration with the Romanian Ministery of Culture.

•  Tranzit Da y s , 26th of May 2000, Scupture for Ears and Eyes , Denis Tricot & Cie - an interactive street-sculpture event created by French group of artists Denis Tricot et Cie (Denis Tricot, Isabelle Duthoit, Fabrice Charles, Marc Pichelin, Phillipe Mandoun, Cristophe Guez, Claire Charbonneau, Catherine Lenne). In collaboration with artists and students from Cluj . In collaboration with French Cultural Center, Ministery of Culture, Sinda Cultural Center, ProHelvetia, Idea Print&Design.

•  Fire on the Somes River - 7th of October 2000, installation and performance of French artist Denis Tricot in the frame of "Tranz Art in Situ - Public Space Reahabilitation" project.

•  The Void of Emptied Space + performance, installations in the frame of We and They festival , 11-13 october 1997. Exhibiting and performing artists : Alexandru Antik, Ovidiu Bandalac, Bianca Blaga, Bob Jozsef, Carmen Cristian, Ion Grigorescu, Csilla Konczei, Denes Miklosi, Imre Nagy, Miklos Onucsan, , Gusztav Uto, Reka Konya, Sandor Vass, Veres-Pop (Ro), Tibor Gall, Jozsef Tasnady, Arpad Konczei (Hu).

•  Passer-by , 27-30 June 1998. In the frame of students' festival with same name - performance arts and discussions on the usage of public space. Realized in collaboration with Open Sociaty Foundation - ARTE program, Romanian Ministry of Culture, County Department for Culture, Religion and National Cultural Patrimony; University of Art and Design, Cluj; Babes-Bolyai University, Theater Department, Cluj; Idea Design&Print, Energobit SRL.Artists: baji, Csiki Csba, Matei Laszlo, Noemi Bartis, Elemer Bartis, Otto Bodo, Yvette Martini, Nicoleta Mocanu, Marius Hagau, Vass Sandor, Szabo Peter, Vere-Pop reproduction, Ferenczi Zoltan.

•  Tab - installations, 8-9th of June 2001. Exhibition realized simultaneously in three galleries from Cluj. Curator: Vasile Ernu. Exhibiting artists: Denes Miklosi, Martini Yvette, Cosmin Pop, Peter Szabo, Csaba Csiki. In collaboration with Sindan Cultural Center, Atas Gallery, ProHelvetia Foundation, Idea Design&Print.

•  Stand-by -photo exhibition, 10- 11th of June. Photo exhibition by Radu Igazsag, Neil Coltofeanu, Victor Velculescu . Exhibition realized in collaboration with FAV (Foundation for Visual Arts, Bucharest).

•  Sphere - installation by Vladimir Skoda, 19 Octobre -28 Octobre 200, exhibition realized in collaboration with French Cultural Center Cluj, French Institut from Bucharest and Budapest, University of Art and Design , Cluj, Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg.

•  Marlene - photo-video installation by Nicu Ilfoveanu, 27 April - 4 May 200. Curated by Suto Ferenc. Exhibition realized in collaboration with ProHelvetia Foundation.

•  "Dreams Seller" - performance by Pierre Alain Hubert, 27 February 2001 in the frame of Tranzart in Situ - the Reahabilitation of Public Space . Fire work accompanied by Palatca Taraf in collaboration with Euroart - European Cultural Fund for Romania, French Cultural Center Cluj, ProHelvetia Foundation, Castel Bannfy Voluntary Association, Freis Institut fur Interdiszciplinare Studien, Regional TV station Cluj, Idea Print&Design, Etnocultural Diversity Resource Center, EnergoBit SRL.

•  "Oil of Angels"- photo exhibition by Radu Afrim, 27th of September - 4th of October 2001 in the frame of "TranziIndex - Regional Workshop on media Theory, Criticism and Creation" project.