Cultural events

•  The Jewish Cultural Program, a permanent program of the foundation have taken center stage from the beginning of its activity. At the symbolic (re)opening of the synagogue, in the autumn of 1997, invited artists Maia Morgenstern, Bob Cohen and Di Naye Kapelye Klezmer band, as well as the local Talmud Tora choir performed. Tranzit has initiated the creation of a virtual museum that will comprise visual documents of the rich cultural history of the region's Jewish population throughout the 20 th century. Daniel Lowy's book From the Brick Factory to the Freight Train (Cluj, 1998), represents an important first contribution to this archival collection. On the occasion of the publication of this book Tranzit organised a cultural manifestation both to recognise the accomplishment of the author and to bring together Jews and non-Jews in remembering the Holocaust as it happened in Cluj.

•  Tranzit Days an event to be annually held. A five day festival of visual and performing arts with the participation of large number of both foreign and local artists. The manifestation includes all artistic genres music, theatre, visual arts, dance and involves the general public. This year will take place the third edition of the festival.

•  City Tour , 27-30 May 2000. French sculptor and his group, Denis Tricot et Cie participated in


Touring of works

•  Best of Mediawave , annual presentation of selections from works presented at the Another Connection Film Festival from Gyor, Hungary.

•  Bluescape, an experimental piece involving theatre/video/dance performed by the RomaNative&Co theater company. In the organization of Tranzit, in addition to performances in Cluj, this play was performed at several festivals: the International Short Film Festival Alter-Native 7 from Tg. Mures, at Altfest , the Central and Est Europen Festival of Alternative Performance in Non-conventional Space in Bistrita, the Interact Festival in Cluj and The Festival de Theatre Universitaire in Laussane.

•  Les collonnes - Words , 6-20th of October 1998, first itinerary exhibition of Synagogue Chain (Maszk, Mediawave, At Home Gallery, Tranzit). Exhibiting artist: Lilliane Csuka (Swiss).


Multimedia performances

•  "Eikon", ...., intermedia installation &dance. Created by Radu Pop, performed by Carmen Vasile.

•  Alergische Platze concert, ...

•  Free-Fall , 20 th of May 2000, a music and multimedia performance about alternative narratives of the Holocaust, created by Hungarian musicians Szemzo Tibor and Forgacs Peter and performed by the Gordian knot .



•  "Camp for Artistic Creation and Intercultural Communication" , 3-15 September 2001. A two week long training session for 30 children between 7 and 11 years of age from different ethnic communities (Romanian, Hungarian, Romani), in Computer design, Contemporary Dance, Photography & Video, Textile, Puppet-theatre, Traditional Dance, Ceramics.