Production and co-productions of original artwork

One of the objectives of the foundation is the production of original artworks. This was achieved by the creation of a permanent performing group, the RomaNative&Co , an experimental theatre company. The company, in every aspect of it, is a unique amalgamation of heterogeneous elements. The members of the RomaNative&Co come from different cultural and professional environments. Hungarians, Romanians and members of the Roma community, professional and non-professional actors joined this singular group. Moreover, the plays make extensive use of various forms of artistic expression such as: dance, video, theater and performs in three languages (Romanian, Hungarian and Romani). The group has three plays () performed at various national and international festivals: Tranzit '99 Cluj, the International Short Film Festival Alter-Native 7 from Tg. Mures, at Altfest , the Central and Est Europen Festival of Alternative Performance in Non-conventional Space in Bistrita, the Interact Festival in Cluj and The Festival de Theatre Universitaire in Laussane.

•  Black Milk, theater/video production created by Romanian visual artist Csilla Konczei and theater director Radu Afrim and involved young local artists.

•  BluEscape, director: Radu Afrim, video: Csilla Konczei, ...

•  Black and White, director: Csilla Konczei

•  Ilonka: surprise, surprise, director: Csilla Konczei

•  Roncsderby, by Petho Anges. Director: Mona Chirila and Ambrus Emese , Music: Hoolandus Jozsef, Arrangement: Koto Aron, Scenography: Kovacs Zsolt, Coregraphy: Jakab Melinda. Performed by Ambrus Emese.

•  "Carol" by Mrozek. A Hungarian State Theatre Cluj production at Tranzit House. Director: Gabor Tompa, performed by Csiky Andras and Biro Joszef.