ART IN TRANZIT 1997-2008

CONCEPT: All the materials published on this DVD are selected from the archive of the Tranzit Foundation. Since 1997 Tranzit Foundation has been organizing and co-organizing cultural events in Tranzit House belonging to different fields of art, an important part of them having an interdisciplinary character. ART IN TRANZIT 1997-2007 is conceived as an open archive, which will be enlarged in the future with information, photos and videos documenting other artistic events in Tranzit. Events are listed in a chronological order. The category entries help navigating through different combinations of artistic styles and genres. URBAN SPACE IN TRANZIT is the second DVD of a series documenting local and international artistic activities in a transitional period in Cluj, Romania. 


Editor in chief: Könczei Csilla
Editorial board: Eugen Pănescu / Miklósi Dénes / Plájás Ildikó Zonga / Seprődi Attila
Selection of photos, videos, digitalization, editing: Plájás Ildikó Zonga
Database: Seprődi Attila / Kolumbán Levente
Programming and design: Miklós Szilárd / Lajos Lehel
Technical assistance: Damó Zoltán
Project coordinator: Seprődi Attila

Project financed by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național

© Tranzit Foundation 2008