•  Jean-Marc Zelwer , 1-10 July 2000, the French composer and performer worked with Tranzit Company on music and improvisation.

•  Direct and Implicit Censorship in Art , 20-21th of June 2001, realised in the frame of "Tranzindex - Regional Workshop in Media Theory, Criticism and Creation" project. Moderator: Alexandru Antik Participants: Attila Tordai, Denes Miklosi, Yvette Martini, Csaba Csiki, Peter Szabo, Nicoleta Mocanu. nad other local visual arts professionals and students.

•  Stand-by, 10-11 th of June 2001, in the frame of TranzIndex- Workshop on MEdia Theory, Criticism and Creation. About the computer manipulation of image. Moderator: Radu Igaszag, Neil Coltofeanu, Victor Velculescu - members of FAV- Visual Arts Foundation, Bucharest. Participants: students and professionals in visual arts.


•  Internet Against Internet , 22th of November 2000. Workshop conducted by Joanne Richardson - media theoretician (USA) concerning the new militant interventions on net.

•  The Nameless Street, July-August 2000, in the frame of Tranz-art-in Situ - the Reahabilitation of Public Space project - the re-opening of the walking street leading to the synagogue. The German visual artist from the Finis e.v. organization introduced notions of land art for students. In collaboration with Finis e.V. Institut fur Interdisziplinare Studien (Germany), Castel Bannfy Voluntary Association, Romanian Ministry of Culture, Romanian Ministry for Sports and Youth.

•  Rhizome , during 10 18 May 2000, Ryuji Oka Lee and Michie Kobayakawa, Japanese artists held a workshop on issues concerning traditional Butoh and contemporary dance. Participants: members of the Tranzit Company and students from the Coreography High School. In collaboration with the Chain of Synagogues (Ro-Hu-Sk), Illyes Foundation (Hu). 


•  At the beginning of 1998 we launched a project in co-operation with the Architectural Department of the Technical University from Cluj for creating a number of concepts regarding the reconstruction of the synagogue.