Transiting Body

dance workshop — 1.12.2019 08:00

Transiting Body

Transiting Body is a contemporary dance laboratory coordinated by Alexandra Girbea, proposing a movement exploration from its simplest manifestation up to complex developments meant to challenge all to discover new territories of the inner and exterior space and of the relationing with the others. The lab has a format that proposes each Sunday a longer and deeper research that is thematically structured, as well as a shorter class on each Wednesday.

The Sunday workshops offer a space for exploration in a time frame that allows diving into your own body, in the perceptions and in the movement propositions. During the three sessions of December, we will guide our attention towards a series of movement principles essential in discovering freedom in movement. The structure is built so that it can offer a progressive and flexible frame allowing necessary changes depending on the group’s dynamics.

The workshop will start by leading the focus inside of the body, giving time and patience for listening, feeling, observing the breath, triggering the proprioception. This will make the transition from the daily body to the creative, instinctive body. Then we will explore the structure of the body and its functionality in movement: the roots of the feet, the connection pelvis - spine - head, thorax - arms, breath - movement. We will explore the body parts through isolations and integrations. This will further develop into thematic improvisations. These improvisation tasks will be individual, in couples and in group using interaction as a variability tool.

Once the dynamics of the group is created, we will let our body assimilate information and movements from the outside, playing with rhythm and coordination. There will be fixed movement materials to be learned and then deconstructed and transformed all the way to a free dance, shaking off the focus and the objectives and making way for spontaneity.

During the Wednesday class we will apply the information in improvisation and in deepening the choreographic materials - in execution but also in deconstruction, permanently recycling information and observing the constant new sides contained in a movement. This class is addressed both to the participants in the Sunday workshop and to those seeking a more concentrated work. Depending on the group, the content and the format will adapt so that each can work at the desired intensity.

Dates: Sunday: 1, 8, 15 December, 10:00 - 14:00
Wednesday: 4, 11, 18 December, 19:00 - 20:30

250 Lei / Total participation
80 Lei / Sunday session
200 Lei / Sundays Pass
30 Lei / Wednesday class
80 Lei / Wednesdays Pass.

We ask the participants to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier. The Sunday’s class will have a short break.

For registration and questions please write to

Alexandra Girbea has been exploring contemporary dance for 10 years, having an eclectic and diverse trajectory. From experimental to technical workshops around Europe, to classes in Bucharest, through the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, as well as initiations in martial arts and sports, Alexandra has a keen curiosity on the magic of the movement and the infinite functionalities of the body in movement. The diversity of the techniques helped her discover the universality of movement in all its manifestations and to experiment juggling principles between different disciplines. The main influences are Valentina de Piante, Fighting Monkey, Tai Chi and Wushu, Thomas Hauert, Tomas Bako, David Miko, Marco Torice, Timea Kovacs.
Alexandra has a master degree in Performing Arts from the University of Brussels and has worked in three artistic residencies with Timea Kovacs in the Height Sense project. She coordinated children classes at the Paintbrush Factory and most recently, in august 2019, she had a residency in the Colectiv Performativ project also at the Paintbrush Factory, in collaboration with the visual artist Eranio Petruska.