puppet theater — 29.2.2020 18:00

“– Aunt Ilonka, can we make a theater play?
– We can. Of course, we can!”

The show’s basis is that aunt Ilonka, the old gypsy woman from Méra village, is telling her story. Using the resources of puppetry, short stories revive granny Ilonka’s life, the destiny of gypsies, family, fear, love, life and death using an authentic, sensitive and humorous language. Granny Ilonka’s words are charming, and in the same time they make the audience to laugh heartfealty. Meanwhile, the decor and visual inspired by the art of gypsy painting and the items used during the act will be able to aquire other qualities of meaning.

The stories of Lakatos Ilona were collected by Könczei Csilla and dramatised by Hatházi András.

Played by Erdei Emese
Directed by Palocsay Kisó Kata
Visual by Hatházi Rebeka, Palocsay Kisó Kata
Costume design by Hatházi Rebeka
Puppets made by Palocsay Kisó Kata and Hatházi Rebeka
Movie fragments by Könczei Csilla and Schneider Tibor
Technical assistance by Sipos Júlia

A special thanks to Balogh Dorottya and Györgyjakab Enikő.