open film seminar — 15.4.2021 13:00

The documentary film club co-organized by the Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology within UBB, Cluj and Tranzit Foundation presents the open seminar of the Film and Anthropology course:

Secrets behind the scenes of anthropological and documentary film festivals and institutions

16:00 Discussion about the ASTRA International Film Festival
17:00 Kincses Réka: Balkan Champion, Grand Prize of the 8th edition of the Festival (2006, 87 minutes, language: Hungarian, Romanian, German, with Hungarian subtitles)
Discussion about the movie (in Hungarian)

Guest: Kató Csilla, artistic director of the ASTRA Film Festival
Moderator: Beke András, student of the Department of Hungarian Ethnography and Anthropology, UBB Cluj
Seminar coordinators: Könczei Csilla and Csiki Réka

Free event, based on registration.

The Astra Film Festival is one of the largest film events in Central and Eastern Europe andhas been hosted by Sibiu since 1993. AFF offers a wide platform for filmmakers to present their work and offers the general public a diverse and high quality selection of films. In 2020, it was one of the festivals that organized some of its programs live, in the presence of spectators, in accordance with the epidemiological rules. In 2021, the 28th edition of the Astra Film Festival will take place between August 27 - September 12 and October 11-16.

Kató Csilla has been a key member of the AFF organizing team since 1998 and she is the artistic director of the festival. She has been a member of the jury at numerous international film festivals. She studied cultural anthropology at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest and continued her studies at the School of Economics in London and the Australian National University in Canberra.

Réka Kincses’ film, The Balkan Champion, took part in the student competition in 2006, winning the festival’s grand prize. Réka Kincses presents the story of her own father, who played an important role in Hungarian politics in Romania after the change of regime. By this she wants to hold a mirror of the Hungarian politics in Romania after the regime change. In 2007, the Balkan Champion won the award for best documentary at the 38th edition of the Hungarian Film Festival.

"The Balkan champion is the portrait of my father, Kincses Előd. The story unfolds along two chronological lines: one from the end of 1989 until the 2004 elections, respectively another one during the 2004 election campaign. At the end of the campaign, the winners celebrate. Kincses Előd does not celebrate. He lost. He was defeated by the regime change and by the elections. A Don Quixote of Transylvania ”- writes Kincses Réka

Kincses Réka was born in Târgu Mureș in 1972. In 2006 he finished his specialization as a film director at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (dffb) in Berlin. She has participated in numerous festivals, won several awards for her short films and her documentary The Balkan Champion. Her feature film Homeland, Sex and Other Inconveniences was filmed in 2011 on behalf of ZDf. Since 2013, she has been a theater writer and director. Since 2014 she has been a visiting professor at the University of Art Târgu Mureș and MET Filmschool in Berlin. Kincses Réka works as a film and theater director in Berlin, Budapest and Târgu Mureș.