Roma portraits from Transylvania

open film seminar — 16.4.2021 16:00

Open seminar / Film club about the representation of the Roma in anthropological films from Transylvania
Organizers: Hungarian Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology, UBB and Tranzit Foundation
The film club co-organized by the Hungarian Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology UBB Cluj and the Tranzit Foundation presents the Open seminar of the course Representation and Power within the Master’s program Culture and society - between tradition and modernity.

Cinematographic representations of the Roma from Transylvania

18:00 Pölcz Róbert - Pölcz Boglárka: Safari (2001, 10 minutes) - Hungarian production (Studio PnP), experimental documentary film, without text, with musical accompaniment, followed by a discussion about the movie
18:30 Ambrus Emese: Viva Constanța! (2007, 43 minutes) - co-production Hungary - Romania (Dunaversitas), documentary film in Romanian, with English subtitles
Discussion with the film’s director
The discussions will be held in Hungarian.

Guest: Ambrus Emese, film director
Moderators: Gál András and Gondos Emőke, MA students
Seminar coordinator: Könczei Csilla

Free event, based on registration

Pölcz Boglárka (1977) and Pölcz Róbert (1975) began working on visual representations after previous studies in theology. They made several experimental short films, being screened and awarded at several film festivals.

The film Safari (2001) gives the impression of a film made by some adventurers who have returned from an exotic journey. In reality, the terrain is as close as possible to us: the Roma community from the village of Nadișu Hododului in Sălaj. Although the film was shot over a single day, but it is based on five years of field research and the development of long-term relationships. In 2002 the film was awarded at the Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival and the Hungarian Film Festival in Budapest with the award for best experimental film.

Ambrus Emese is a documentary filmmaker who entered the film festival circuit in 2007 with the film Viva Constanța! She won the award for best screenplay at the Simfest festival, and the grand prize in the Rome Pictures category at the Cinefest festival in Miskolc.
The film was presented at festivals:
romaniancinemaNOW - International Film Festival Canada (Toronto) / Cinefest -International Film Festival, Miskolc / TIFF-International Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca / Astra film-International Film Festival, Sibiu / Simfest - Târgu-Mureş / Meetings in Siberia - International Film Festival Siberia, Novosibirisk / Dakino-International Film Festival, Bucharest / Dialektus-International Film Festival, Budapest / Mediawave- International Film and Music Festival, Győr / Göttingen- International Documentaries Film Festival / Irpen-International Film Festival, Ukraine / Trieste International Film Festival, Trieste / Balkan Shnapshot Film Festival, Amsterdam / Noordelijke Film Festival, Leeuwarden / East Silver Caravan / International Romani Art Festival, Timişoara / Filmtett Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca / Caravan of award-winning documentaries film.doc / Documfest International Documentaries Film Festival, Timişoara / Caravan Astra Film / Poznan International Documentaries Film Festival
Won awards: Aranyszarvas Award, Dialektus - European Anthropology Film Festival, Budapest Audience Award-Irpen Film Festival, Ukraine Intercultural Dialogue-Best Documentary Film, Documfest, Timisoara
The movie Viva Constanța! was made during the masterclass of the Dunaversitas Association. The main character of the story is the teacher of the Roma neighborhood in Șomcuta, who wants to become known as an imitator of Elvis Presley. He translates the songs of the rock and roll king into Romanian, composes new ones, and he gets on the road to Constanța with his guitar under the name of Elvis Romano to become famous and make his rock and rom famous.
The real name of the Roma singer from Sălaj is Tudor Lăcătuș, also known as Elvis Romano. He is the mediator of Roma children in Șomcuta, a Romanian language teacher and the performer of the Nightlosers’ anti-discrimination campaign. He is a representative of the fusion of the music of legendary Elvis Presley, of the Roma music culture, and of the pop music from the 90’s.