Roma Portraits from Transylvania

open film seminar — 23.4.2021 15:00

The Film Club co-organized by the Institute of Hungarian Ethnography and Anthropology UBB Cluj and the Tranzit Foundation presents the open seminar of the course Representation and Power within the master program Culture and Society - between tradition and modernity.

Cinematic representations of Roma in Transylvania

18:00 Kőszegi Edit: Timeless tale (1997, 95 min) - documentary film in Hungarian and Romanian (producer: Fórum Film).
Discussion about the film (in Hungarian)

Moderator: Árva Orsolya, MA student
Seminar coordinator: Könczei Csilla

Free event, registration required.

Kőszegi Edit (1952, Gyula) is a documentary and fiction film director, playwright and screenwriter. She completed her studies at the Department of Library and Popular Education at ELTE University in 1975 and then studied at MaFilm College. From 1980-1990 she was a scriptwriter at the Hunnia Film Studio, after which she was a playwright and a member of the management of the Hétfői Műhely Studio. Since 1994 she has been the managedcoordinator of the Roma collection of the Budapest Ethnographic Museum. Her work has been awarded several prizes: in 1998 she received the Hungarian Film Critics’ Award for Best Screenplay, in 2007 she received the Hungarian Film Festival Award for Best Documentary, and in 2014 she received the Balázs Béla Award.

The film Timeless tale was made in 1997 based on the a collaboration between Kőszegi Edit and Szuhay Péter. In the documentary a young girl living in a poor family tells about her life and her relationship with the local Roma community, among wich also Roma live, “as if she were telling a fairy tale in the midst of madness.”