BODYART at Tranzit House

health — 8.7.2021 16:00

BODYART is the workout concept which looks at the human being from a holistic perspective. It thus focuses on the relation between body, mind and emotion;
BODYART combines technics from classical workout training, therapeutic exercises and breathing to ensure the optimal functioning of the human body by reinforcing and stabilizing the general motor behavior;
Diana - BODYART trainer:
Having a Shotokan practitioner background, also having experienced different other sport areas it happened that I discovered BODYART. This workout concept made so much sense to me that I decided to bring my experience further and enroll in BODYART Basic course at BODYART School Romania and became a certified trainer.

🌿 Tranzit House will host BODYART classes so thus all of you that are in search for new experiences, physical movement and active relaxation could attend and enjoy;

🌿 Classes will take place outdoor in the front yard, nevertheless if the weather will be erratic we are prepared also with indoor hosting;
🌿 Participants will bring their own yoga/fitness mat;

🍵 To prologue the wonderful effects that you’ll feel after the workout your are invited to enjoy a relaxing moment having a cup of tea.