In the dark, with a six-inch blade // Dance Lab in Tranzit

contemporary dance — 7.11.2021 12:00

In the dark, with a six-inch blade
by Urvi Vora
Having been asked to perform a piece based on ideas around manifestos, manuals, and their relationship to sexuality, I found myself lost, hesitant, and uncertain. Three years since I last performed it, and two years of a pandemic later, I would now simply like to reflect on the hesitations inherent in manifestos, and the evermore destabilising ideas of desire. And to remind myself that manifestos demand that a different world be manifested.
Urvi Vora is an artist based in New Delhi, India. She has created works in the overlaps between dance, film, and theatre, with a focus on the body and intimacy. Currently, she is working with Aagaaz Theatre Trust as a mentor and facilitator for young practitioners and expanding her latest digital work, This is how you move them (2021).