The sound of my heart // Dance Lab in Tranzit

contemporary dance — 9.11.2021 16:00

The sound of my heart
by Sashar Zarif
This work is an intimate dialogue between body and breath, conveying the fluidity of memories embedded in our sounding bodies… so vivid, once it is heard.
Camera and editing by Manuel Garcia
Commissioned by Toronto International Soo Ryu Dance Festival

Sashar Zarif is a luminary. A nomad, a poet of dance, and teacher. He shares his stage presence as a dancer, singer and percussionist. Sashar Zarif pursued a Master of Arts degree at York University, researching his cultural roots and practice, and subsequently taught World Dance Practices at York. Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre, the company he founded and directs, has been supported by grants and awards from Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Metcalf Foundation.