contemporary dance — 10.11.2021 15:30

17.30 - screening

by Bogdan Olarson and Sashar Zarif

“playing real me, listening between spaces, longing and reflecting” - A quintet of cyber stories.
An experimental cyber performance involving two dance artists on zoom, two visual artists on camera, and a live-editor all in one space to stream a live performance between Cluj and Toronto.

18.00 - live performance

WE WILL DANCE TOGETHER SOON / VOM DANSA ÎMPREUNĂ CURÂND / به زودی با هم میرقصیم / HAMAROSAN EGYÜTT TÁNCOLUNK / tezliklə birlikdə rəqs edəcəyik
by Bogdan Olarson and Sashar Zarif
This work experiments ways of connection beyond physical limitation to explore new possibilities for dancing together.
Two bodies and their souls
Searching for the sound of their hearts
In the silence between the ticks of the clock
And… where are you dancing now?
What is possible next?

Sashar Zarif is a luminary. A nomad, a poet of dance, and teacher. He shares his stage presence as a dancer, singer and percussionist. Sashar Zarif pursued a Master of Arts degree at York University, researching his cultural roots and practice, and subsequently taught World Dance Practices at York. Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre, the company he founded and directs, has been supported by grants and awards from Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Metcalf Foundation.
Bogdan Olarson is a hyperartist and choreographer working with sounds, movements and film on the intersection of ecology and transpecism. He co-founded Olarsons ArtSpace and Museum of the Future to give space and time for artists and scientists to question future visions and possibilities. He holds a BA in performing arts and MA in digital interactive arts from Babeș-Bolyai University.