Listen to the Body - workshop // Dance Lab in Tranzit

contemporary dance workshop — 6.11.2021 09:00

Contemporary dance workshop with Lia Meirelles - Listen to the body
The workshop proposes an exploration of the body movement generated from a state of full consciousness. By awakening the bodily awareness, we will build movements that are an expression of our inner selves. This will happen mainly through a guided movement exploration in which each participant is the master of their own development, not aiming to fit in any preestablished movement pattern, but moving as an answer to the wishes of the body.
Fundamentals of this workshop are the notions of weight, axis, and relationship to the space.
Come wearing comfortable clothes. You can participate either wearing socks or bare feet.
Duration: 2 hours
Max. 16 participants
Lia Meirelles is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Brazil. She completed her master in anthropology of dance, at the Choreomundus programme, in which she researched the transmission procedures in the context of the dance company of the choreographer Yuval Pick. She graduated in dance at the Angel Vianna college, in Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, she worked in many productions, with highlights to the spectacle Sangria from the Coletivo em Flor, that she choreographed; and the spectacle Marias Brasilianas-a arte do fio from the Cia Cirandeira, in which she worked as an interpreter and co-creator.