ANNULED // an archivist walks into a multichannel diffusion of (un)?organized sound // Resonances

concert — 21.11.2021 16:00

bodoki-halmen zsolt
an archivist walks into a multichannel diffusion of (un)?organized sound

an archivist walks into a multichannel diffusion of (un)?organized sound is a concert in which bodoki-halmen zsolt presents a collection of [his] works on a multichannel sound system.

taking into consideration the infinite set of interrelated sounds, is there really a partition to this set defining two disjoint subsets, equivalence classes of music, and of noise?

if so, how do we categorize something as noise? or, from an other perspective, what are the conditions which something has to fulfill, in order for us to say that it is music?

bodoki-halmen zsolt started his endeavor with sound at an early age by studying classical music and then venturing into pop culture.
later on he studied electroacoustic composition,composed music for theater and dance, and collaborated with fellow artists in a number of performances.
currently he is finishing his computer science studies.

The concert is part of the REZONANCES - New Music Programme.
Addmission is free, based on valid COVID Green Certificate.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to avoid crowd formation.

The mission of Resonances - New Music Program is to promote and disseminate regional and international contemporary music productions.
REZONANCES aims to be a permanent point of cultural dialogue at local, European and international level.
REZONANCES promotes contemporary musical theories as well as the development of local musical practice.

Organiser: Tranzit Foundation
Funders: Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt, Communitas Foundation, AFCN, Hungarian National Cultural Fund
Tranzit Foundation reserves the right to change the programme. Admission free.
The event will be held respecting all current COVID-19 regulations.