What are we playing today? // Resonances

concert — 23.11.2021 17:00

What are we playing today?

Let’s play like kids, because deep inside we are still children. Let’s trust in the space surrounding us, just like in the old days. Let’s make ourselves comfortable, like a baby in the uterus. Let’s prepare
this space for ideas. This game requires ease, and it will awaken us to equality. We don’t have to measure up to anything, there are no rules here, just freedom. The abundance of actions, with all the mistakes of ordinary people around, will form the actual reality. It will create balance here and now. Reality doesn’t require perfection, there’s no need for that. The only thing we need is harmony. For this to happen we all need to be present, to gather spontaneously, and no one or nothing will be where they are by mistake.

The concert is part of the REZONANCES - New Music Programme.
Addmission is free, based on valid COVID Green Certificate.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to avoid crowd formation.

The mission of Resonances - New Music Program is to promote and disseminate regional and international contemporary music productions.
REZONANCES aims to be a permanent point of cultural dialogue at local, European and international level.
REZONANCES promotes contemporary musical theories as well as the development of local musical practice.

Organiser: Tranzit Foundation
Funders: Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt, Communitas Foundation, AFCN.
Tranzit Foundation reserves the right to change the programme. Admission free.
The event will be held respecting all current COVID-19 regulations.