Contrast in percussion music // Resonances

concert — 24.11.2021 17:00

Contrast in percussion music

Forró Erik, Hayashi-Kelemen Jácint-Yuuka, Horváth Tamás

Percussion instruments are among the first in the history of music, being an integral part of various rituals in all kinds of ancient cultures.
In the modern world, their use has resurfaced, with more and more composers using them.
However, from the beginning of antiquity until the end of the modern era, when a wide variety of wind, string and plucked string instruments developed, percussion instruments were relegated to the background.
During the performance, we will compare ancient primitive music with contemporary experimental music.

The concert is part of the REZONANCES - New Music programme.
Admission is free, but a valid COVID green certificate is required.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to avoid crowds.

The Resonances - New Music Programme aims to promote and disseminate regional and international contemporary music.
RESONANCES aims to be a permanent cultural dialogue at local, European and international level.
RESONANCES promotes contemporary music theory and local music practice.

Organised by Tranzit Foundation
Sponsors: Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt, Communitas Alapítvány, AFCN.
Tranzit Foundation reserves the right to change the programme.
The event will be organised in compliance with the COVID-19 regulations in force.