Post-pandemic theater

workshop — 19.4.2022 15:00

Post-pandemic theatre
19 - 21 April 2022 // daily from 18.00 - 21.00*
*the programme is flexible, depending on the needs of the group, other times can be decided after the first day, by mutual agreement with the participants.

The workshop is FREE, based on registration at the address.

About the workshop :
We invite you to explore alongside Julien Daillère the instruments of a remote theater in order to “augment” the theater, take it out of the hall, reach different audiences and work with different artists.
It is an accessible approach based on innovation in the use of existing technology rather than technological innovation. Together we will experience and explore the poetic and dramatic possibilities of the various devices and gadgets we use every day.

About Julien Daillère :
Theater artist, PhD in performing arts. The health crisis was the opportunity to keep exploring more intensively other ways of making theatre with La TraverScène, mainly through the audio of the phone, also combined with digital devices : telesidence with the French Institute of Cluj Napoca ; “human” voice server ; teleperformances (a kind of remote theatre through audioguided spectators “teleperforming” in front of their relatives at home) with DOC! Paris, Casa Tranzit in Cluj or French Institute in Bucharest (Ro). Today I am developing the “Avoir Lieu” research program with La Marge Heureuse in partnership with University Paris 8 in France, cultural places and organizations. Our two lines of research : IRL covid-compatible performances (storefront windows, drive-in, performances for balconies, windows, etc.) and hybrid (IRL/remote) multichannel and interactive forms. I therefore regularly lead workshops on this topic.
I have a special interest for marginal art practices, in situ approach and “cooperative solos” with spectators as co-creators of scenic effects (light, sound…). I namely created “C’est bon. E ok. Rendben. This is just a story (multilingual show), part of the “Saison France-Roumanie 2019” program (French Institute and Romanian Cultural Institute) and then “Je t’aime effondrement” in 2020 in France.

The following equipment is welcome. It`s not essential, just in case you have it!

  • 1 phone with a headset;
  • 1 small loudspeaker (Bluetooth or wired);
  • 1 computer or tablet;

Tuesday 19.04.2022
18.00 - 21.00 : introduction and discussion
The first meeting will include a discussion about our experiences as artists and spectators in isolation as well as a presentation of the research axes of La Marge Heureuse’s “Avoir Lieu” programme: face-to-face performances in covid-compatible mode, remote or hybrid performances. Then, we will extend the discussion towards the use of the technologies we have at hand in order to create multi-channel performances, for example - the mobile phone.
Wednesday 20.04.2022
18.00 - 21.00: Creating a collective live and remote sound work.
How can we come together in a virtual, sonic space to create a remote theatrical moment? How is a sound embodied in a physical space, in front of an audience? How do we mix distant and present people in a device that creates unusual presence effects?

Thursday 21.04.2022
18.00 - 21.00 - Theatre by Delegation of Action
Since when has theatre existed in the physical absence of performers? How is a live or deferred theatre experience at a distance created through delegation of action? What kind of audience participation is required? How to bring this process back into the space of the theatre?
The participants will do practical experiments, depending on the themes they choose.