Dance evening / Mental health week

ecstatic dance — 6.5.2022 15:45

Dance has always been a source of joy, release, communion and closeness. We aim to create these states at the dance evening, through an intentional ecstatic dance setting, where music, guidance and intimate atmosphere will take us into the body and our inner world.
What does ecstatic dance involve?
Ecstatic Dance is an experience in which dance and authentic movement become pathways to connect to EMOTIONS and feelings that we don’t access in everyday life or that haven’t found the context to be expressed.
We begin with simple movement exercises to warm up our bodies and get familiar with the space and each other. This is followed by an hour and a half of ecstatic dancing, during which MUSIC is our only GUIDE, the collage of rhythms and melodies created as a support for experiencing a wide range of feelings.
Then, towards the end of the journey, the relaxing music invites us to become aware and assimilate the experience we have had.
The ecstatic dance shows us the way to see the possibilities, advantages and challenges of dance through a new form of ENGAGEMENT and AWARENESS. It focuses not only on the act of dancing itself, but also on our conscious and intentional engagement in this action.
Ecstatic Dance is a welcoming and safe space where you can dance without worrying about what your movements look like, letting your body express itself as it wishes.
18:45 - Doors open: change into comfortable clothes and settle into the space.
19:00 - 19:30 Opening circle & warm up
19:30 - 21:00 Ecstatic Dance / Musical Journey
21:00 - 22:00 Cool down and integration circle

  • The dance floor is a non-verbal space. This makes it easier to shift our attention from the mind to the body and find new ways to express ourselves and/or interact with others.
  • To have the most authentic experience, NO alcohol, tobacco or other drugs are consumed during the event.
  • We can dance alone, with others, or we can sit and watch, respecting the space and each other.
  • No dance experience is necessary. Open to all ages and fitness levels.
  • Bring comfortable clothes and don’t forget water!
    Ecstatic dance is about expressing ourselves, not impressing, so give yourself permission to be present and move as you wish! 😊

Friday 6 May, 18:45

Casa Tranzit, 16 George Barițiu Street

The dance evening will be facilitated by our friends from Ecstatic Dance Cluj Napoca, Lucian Conțiu and Irina Bardoczi.

Attendance is free and by registration, places are limited to 40 participants.
**The dance evening is mainly intended for people who have never participated in Ecstatic Dance before. The format of the event will be adapted for Mental Health Week: the dance session will be shorter (1h30 instead of 2h30) and the final circle will include a discussion and integration part.