Communal singing night / Mental Health Week

music — 7.5.2022 16:00

In troubled times, worries can overwhelm us and consume all our resources. In such times, we need support, art, community, expression and release. We need to know that we are not alone and that we can cope with stress. Community art evenings offer a little bit of all of these.
A community art evening brings together free music, free dance, poetry, dialogue, unforgettable stories and the joy of (re)seeing old friends or meeting new ones.
We expect you to drift, a concept nurtured by the Cercul Întreg that stems from the culture of jamsession, improvisation and play, typical of ancient cultures connected to their roots.
We invite you to an evening of community singing, where we put aside our worries for a few hours and enjoy the music, the rhythm and everyone’s contribution to the experience.
You do NOT need to be an expert in music, using an instrument, or anything of the sort. You just need curiosity, presence and openness 🙂
Saturday, 7 May, 19:00
At Casa Tranzit, 16 George Barițiu Street
The evening of community singing will be facilitated by our friends from the Cercul Întreg.
Attendance is free and is by registration, seating is limited to 40 people.