The Unwomanly Face of War

performance — 19.5.2022 16:00

"The Unwomanly Face of War"
stage adaptation after Svetlana Aleksievich’s novel

Production launch date: 2022
Directed by Anda Dragan
Dramaturgy: Irina Sabău-Bălan
Cast: Ioana Cojocărescu, Ioana Pitic, Cătălina Nichitin, Sorana Eșanu, Codruța Bonta
Sound and music: Men-D
Choreographic interventions: Ioana Moldovan

Description of the show: On the background of alternative music beats with extremely contemporary rhythms, mixed by a live-DJ, the spectator is put in front of the atrocities that women face in war, a cruel and unadorned reality of their lives; a reality which, unfortunately, is not foreign to us at present. The show “The Unwomanly Face of War”, a stage adaptation of Svetlana Aleksievich’s eponymous novel, features experiences of women and war, women at war and women after war - the little stories of the common people. All this is presented in a plastic, non-illustrative manner, the text being doubled by the movement of the body which is still captive in the world of war and which often comes in counterpoint to what is told.

Duration: approx. 1 hour 15 min.
The event is free, but requires previous signup: