(burn)OUT at Cluj - Talks and performative forays at Casa Tranzit

performance — 28.6.2022 16:00

(burn)OUT at Cluj - Talks and performative forays at Casa Tranzit

Burnout is an emotional, mental and often physical condition caused by prolonged or repeated stress. The artists of Developing Art have developed this year, two projects on exhaustion and recovery after exhaustion, in three different cities: (burn)OUT and Recovery.
On June 28th, at Tranzit House, Alina Ușurelu, Andreea Novac and Irina Marinescu, together with their collaborators, will present the results of their artistic research from Timișoara, Cluj and Iași. The artistic presentations are accompanied by a series of talks that look at burnout from the a psychological, sociological and medical perspective.
The entrance to the event is free.

Talks: Mihaela Vechiu (psychologist), Fidelie Kalambayi (sociologist), Roxana Negureanu (medic)
Performative presentations: Irina Marinescu, Andreea Novac, Alina Ușurelu

🟣 Work, energy and emotions walk in a bar
| Talk: Mihaela Vechiu
| Performative presentation: Irina Marinescu
„How do our work experiences transform us, how do we invest or receive energy from the activities that we do and how do we perceive emotions in the body? These are a few of the questions I started with in my artistic research. I focus on the way in which this type of energy can be translated through movement, especially in relation with how we feel.” - Irina Marinescu
„If you are your body and your body is you, then it expresses what and who you are. It is your way of being in this world.” - Alexander Lowen, medic and American psychologist (1910- 2008)
The current presentation wants to bring to the public the somatic and psychological effects of dans and movement, in relation to exhaustion or burnout.” - Mihaela Vechiu

🟣 A complicated version of freedom
| Talk: Fidelie Kalambayi
| Performative presentation: Andreea Novac
Burnout is considered an occupational hazard in our country’s artistic jobs and communities. The theoretical (Fidelie Kalambayi) and performative (Andreea Novac) presentations on exhaustion specific to the cultural and artistic segment come at a time when it is necessary to reflect on the conditions, risks and emotional, personal and professional costs associated with being an artist, cultural worker or manager. Starting from a series of discussions that she had in her artistic residency at Iași, Andreea Novac offers a performative journey through the frailty of what artistic work is.
🟣 (over)loading…
| Talk: Roxana Negureanu
| Performative presentation: Alina Ușurelu

What does a body (interior-exterior) whose process of filtering is degraded and that endlessly accumulates information looks like? How does our body feel after the experiences of the past three years? We will look at the tired body from a medical (Roxana Negureanu) and performative (Alina Uşurelu) perspective.
„I started from the idea of sweat as a process of the body when temperature rises due to a physical or emotional intensity and have reached at the contemporary (post-industrial) condition of the individual to perform, which is one of the most powerful factors in generating burn-out, a professional syndrom of the 21st century” - Alina Ușurelu

(burn)OUT & Recovery
Projects of the Developing Art Association
„(burn)OUT” & „Recovery” are two projects co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The projects do not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way the project results can be used. They are entirely the responsibility of the funding beneficiary

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