Forgács Péter: Free Fall (Az Örvény) | Tranzit Days 2022

film screening — 21.10.2022 17:00

Péter Forgács: Free Fall (Az Örvény)
1996 - 75 minutes - Video

Free Fall (Örvény) is Part X of the Private Hungary series, the history of the Pető family between 1938 and 1945. Péter Forgács has compiled the film from material recorded by György Pető and other archives of the time, while the images are enhanced by Tibor Szemző’s oratorio. The film connects the personal memories of a family and a private person with the parallel events of big politics. The first dimension is represented primarily by images, the second by music and sound. Tibor Szemző’s minimalist oratorio uses the text of the Jewish laws, which, with its blunt legal wording, seems distant yet frighteningly threatening. The linguistic level is made even more complex by English and French texts, the sound of original radio broadcasts and film newsreels, or János Pilinszky’s own poetry.

Director / Editor / Producer • Péter Forgács
Consultants • András Forgách and Géza Bereményi
Assistant Editor • Éva Mihály
Line Producer • Ferenc Komjáthi and Róbert Római
Assistants • Zsuzsa Ujj and Zsolt Neményi
Sound engineer • Zsolt Hubay
Music • Tibor Szemző
Singers, narrators • Ildikó Fodor, András Soós, Tibor Szemző, Caroline Bodóczky and Nicholas Bodóczky

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