Booklaunch in Cluj - Luminișuri. An anthology of queer ecological literature by Cenaclul X

booklaunch — 5.11.2022 17:00

🌱 Cenaclul X launches a new anthology, “Glades. An anthology of ecological queer literature”. The volume brings together perspectives on what tends to be called nature, in its multiple valences - we describe this type of texts as ecological queer literature, infused with feminist, anti-speciesist and decolonial perspectives.
✨ Our anthology will be launched in partnership with Tranzit House on the 5th of November, at 19:00, in Cluj, 16 Barițiu Street.
💜 On the occasion of the launch there will be readings by Corina Preda, Maria Martelli, Tudor Pop, Ceza Bularca, tovarasxvic and alexandru adam. We will also watch video poems by Nóra Ugron, Gabriela Oprea, oana ciobanu, Maia Șerbănescu, oana ungureanu, and bianca ela.
🖊 Inside the anthology you will find poems, short prose and hybrid texts by Andrei Nicolae, Ceza Bularca, Alexandru Adam, Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Maia Serbanescu, Nóra Ugron, Victor Horațiu Troșan, Tudor Pop, Flavius Sindie, Mara Cioroianu, Alina-Elena Fluțăr, oana ciobanu, Gabriela Oprea, Irina Ionescu, Corina Preda, bianca ela, oana ungureanu, Ioana Bălănescu and Maria Martelli.
Anthology coordinated by: Maria Martelli, Nóra Ugron, Corina Preda, Ceza Bularca
Proofreading: Victor Horațiu Troșan, Corina Preda
Cover design: Nóra Ugron
Cover illustration: Denisa Nistor
Published with the support of Art200 and frACTalia Publishing House.
Thanks to Mina Mimosa for the cover.