I'm One of the Lucky Ones / Tranzit Days 2022

audio performance — 19.12.2022 17:00

I’m One of the Lucky Ones is a show about the hundreds of thousands of children raised between two phones, between two packages, blowing out birthday candles on video. It’s about their mothers who left without looking back, who simultaneously cared for old people in Italy and children in Romania, and who managed to find the strength to stay afloat in an uncertain economic climate, both at home and in the countries they left for.
It is about those who have learned to live between here and there.

Oana Hodade, Doru Taloș, Alexandra Caras
Original musical composition:
Adorjáni Panna, Bodoki-Halmen Zsolt, Láng Dániel, Visky Péter
Musical interpretation:
Adorjáni Panna, Láng Dániel, Visky Péter
Recording and sound design:
Andrei Bobiș |Cirkular Studio
Voice credits:
Lucia Marneanu
Alexandra Voivozeanu
Lorand Maxim
English translation and adaptation:
Mugur Butuza
Hungarian translation and adaptation:
Ábrán Ágota and Seprődi Attila
Jasmina Cloșca
Denisa Nistor | scrijelit.design