PLAYDATE / Tranzit Days 2022

auditive performance — 15.12.2022 15:00

Created and performed by: Schneider-Lőnhárt Csenge
Tranzit House, Studio Room
Performance in Romanian, Hungarian and English
Duration: 70 min.
To participate in the performance, please reserve your spot by completing this form:

What makes us human? This was the starting question for artist Csenge Schneider-Lőnhárt’s introspective research in which she directed her attention towards the emotions which we recognise as having a powerful effect on our lives. She poses the same question to the audience in the form of an audio performance, in an informal framework, where participants are invited to take part in a PLAY DATE. They are given the possibility to imagine various answers to this question by interacting with the friendly medium that the artist had created.
The work created together by the participants of the performance will be exhibited on the last day of the festival.

❗️ One session lasts 70 minutes. A smart phone and earphones will be needed for participation. Participants who do not have earphones or a smart phone are asked to contact us via, and will be provided with them.

Csenge Schneider-Lőnhárt was born in 1998 in Budapest. She studied at János Zsigmond Unitarian High School until 2016, then she was enrolled in the Faculty of Theatre and Film in Cluj, acting department. She graduated the master’s programme of acting of the University of Babeș–Bolyai. She has volunteered in various festivals, such as TESZT Festival in Timișoara, Interferences Festival in Cluj, Holnapután Festival in Oradea. She is a collaborator at Tranzit House, where she participates in interactive projects and programmes focusing on the care of children.

The performance was created at the Paintbrush Factory’s Wild Card For A Head Start residency.