performance — 2.2.2023 17:00


February 2, 7:00 p.m
Tranzit House, Baritiu str. no. 16

❗Free entry only by reservation at:

With: Ioana Chițu, Răzvan Mîndruță, Irina Sibef
Playwright: Raul Coldea (with text insertions by the team)
Music: Teodora Retegan
Scenography, costumes and video: Irina Ionescu
Directed by: Raul Coldea
Light design: Dragoș Petrisor

Language: Romanian, no subtitles
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Recommended age: 14+

A typical Bucharest apartment. Three young people living together and a war starting nearby. A looming crisis. Another one that is already happening. War as a spectacle, broadcast live on social networks and on television. The dialogue. The hope.
“The Common Room” is an emotional foray into an uncertain present and a dystopian future. How can we act in a world marked by climate crisis, energy crisis and war? What does solidarity mean today? How do we stop people’s fear and disappointment from being confiscated? How can we understand them and how can they become hope? The performance will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

Attention, the show contains scenes that can have a strong emotional impact and special effects (stage smoke).

A Gastivists Romania production. The Gastivists Collective is a small team of motivated people active in a variety of climate and oppression struggles in different countries. In Romania, it aims to support local groups fighting against gas infrastructure and new exploitations. With a focus on creating connections between these and different groups around the world, the collective is contributing to the development of a movement that wants to stop (all) gas and lead to a just energy transition.