Limits to our self-determination - movement workshop

movement workshop — 10.2.2023 16:00

Limits to our self-determination - movement workshop

Duration: 2,5 hours
Held by: Raubinek Lili, Kelemen Patrik

Self-determination is our right at birth. In normal cases we don’t even think about our rights at all. We don’t think about them until one or the other of them is breached. When such a thing happens, we instantly feel its lack, we are in discomfort. Someone or something takes control.
Raubinek Lili is a choreographer and dancer, who lives and works in Budapest. She started to work in a temporary home for children at the beginning of the COVID pandemic.
For a child who lives in the foster care of the state the almost complete lack of self-determination is a daily experience. Children are brought there and are taken away in such a way that they realize only a few hours before that they have to leave the place where they used to live. They cannot do their things as they used to do, they cannot see their parents, only at fixed hours. Sometimes they have no other choice than to use radical means in order to control their environment: they destroy the walls, the doors, the windows, perhaps they turn against each other with a blind rage, or when there remains no other thing to destroy around them, they turn against themselves.
These experiences, lived at a bodily level, were at the base of Lili’s preoccupation with this topic.
Lili, together with the dancer and choreographer Kelemen Patrik, will spend one week in Cluj, at Tranzit House, in the frame of a residence, in order to explore the forms of self-determination, their physical manifestations, and to form these into a performance to be presented in Budapest in April. In addition, they will be developing a workshop, where they will bring closer to those interested, in a safe environment, this difficult topic. The workshop in Cluj will be the first station of this process.

All those who are interested are welcomed!

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