book party — 24.2.2023 15:00

At the beginning of this new year, OMG & Casa Tranzit renew their ties and inaugurate a new collaboration, a partnership that aims to provide a common space for manifestation and (re)inhabitation of the artistic community in Cluj and beyond, a sphere dedicated to gestures and independent actions of contemporary art and sensibility.

On Dragobete, we will listen and dance together to the music of the 80s, with a playlist carefully curated by Călin Teutișan:
“I figured that for an eclectic crowd, in a public reading situation, neither rock nor blues would work, so I kept it on pop-dance with megabeat and superbashi, but with some lesser-known song choices, sometimes even if the artist is or was famous. I wanted to capture, as faithfully as possible, a spirit of the (musical) era, with all the sonic drama for which it remained famous and the obligatory ‘noise’ quotient of the time.”


  1. Diana Cornea
  2. Mihnea Bâlici
  3. Mădălina Căuneac
  4. Ioan Coroamă
  5. Răzvan Andrei
  6. Florentin Popa
  7. Raluca Boantă
  8. Valeriu A. Cuc

  1. Horia Corcheș
  2. Laura Francisca Pavel
  3. Vlad Moldovan
  4. Lucian Brad
  5. Andrei Dósa
  6. Andrei Dobos
  7. Luca Ștefan Ouatu

Tickets and admission are free, but both OMG Publishing and Casa Tranzit are keen to encourage sponsorships and donations on

Readings will begin at approx. 6 pm in the order listed above. They will be preceded by a musical warm-up (starting at approx. 5 pm), during which time readers will be able to purchase OMG authors’ volumes. The readings are divided into two (2) sessions. The break of approx. 30 minutes will again be musical. Both during the break and after the reading (for approx. 15 minutes) OMG books will be available for purchase. The evening will end with, as already announced, an 80s after-party.

We look forward to seeing you!