Pedagogy of Freedom // Paulo Freire

Book launch — 22.10.2023 14:00

The Pedagogy of Freedom
Paulo Freire
Traslated by Veronica Manole
Alexandria Publishing House, Suceava, 2022

“The Pedagogy of Freedom”, Paulo Freire’s intellectual testament, is the first work translated into Romanian by one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century. It is the conclusion of a work that places education at the center of philosophical reflection. In his best-known book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1968), the author offered a first synthesis of his commitment in favor of an education of liberation, opposed to the secular process of domestication. His methods and concepts became weapons of the struggle for social emancipation, but also challenges for generations of teachers and disciples. The critical and democratic pedagogy proclaimed by Freire undermines the hierarchical model of a bank transfer of knowledge. Submission is internalized by the lower classes not only through habits acquired in the socialization process, but also through the organization and practice of learning. In the philosophy of education proposed by Paulo Freire, literacy and cultural edification lead to the acquisition of a political consciousness. The pedagogy of autonomy brings these themes together in an accessible presentation, in the form of a pedagogue’s guide in which the methodology stems from ethical requirements. The practice of educational dialogue, which leads to the inner transformation and political resettlement of the teacher and the student, was taken over and adapted in the world of performing arts by Augusto Boal. The latter creates in this way the Theater of the Oppressed, a new theatrical form, which includes an arsenal of techniques that many of the artists of Tranzit House used directly in their artistic practice.

Veronica Manole, translator, lect. Ph.D., Faculty of Letters (UBB);
Laura T. Ilea, writer, lect. Ph.D., Department of Comparative Literature (UBB);
Hajnalka Harbula, pedagogue, author;
Adrian Costache, lect. dr., of the Department of Teaching of Socio-Human Sciences at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences;
Claudiu Gaiu, editor, Alexandria Publishing House.

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