Alternativ Quartet / Deocamdată suntem departe de solstițiu

concert — 14.12.2023 17:00

Thursday 14 December, 7pm. Cluj, Tranzit House.
Tickets available through the iabilet network -ăSuntemDeparteDeSolstițiu-

After long preparations, we are happy to announce the first release concerts of the new albums Alternativ Quartet - For now we are / Far from the solstice. We have the pleasure and privilege of being able to meet in three special venues, each with a remarkable character and history, which we have chosen to properly present these albums and this show, which we have been working on for many years.

We are waiting for you on 5 December at the National Art Museum of Romania in Bucharest, on 8 December at the Palace of Culture in Iași, and on 14 December at Tranzit House in Cluj, for a two-hour concert accompanied by video projections and a Brass Ensemble from the Cluj Philharmonics. We invite you to join us in this unique moment, in which we allow ourselves to reflect on something so simple but often forgotten: the fact that we are For Now.

You will also find vinyls of the new albums, a photo book produced in collaboration with Italian photographer Matteo Scarpa, merchandise created in collaboration with Andreea Ilisăi and much more.

History: As one of the first Romanian bands to venture into post-rock compositions and fragile sound experiments, Alternativ Quartet was formed in 2008 in Bistrița / Cluj-Napoca and has since released a series of seven records that follow their continuous development. From the initial compositions inspired by Sigur Rós such as When I don’t sing, Thank you and Don’t forget I’m waiting for you, to tracks with a more distinctive sound such as Moscow, Silence fills in the gaps and Sound too dactylic, the band manages to express in a personal voice the music from which it found its inspiration: Isis, The Books, Mogwai. The cinematic album Iglu / Stasis marks a shift towards an even more personal space, placed at the intersection between an intimate closeness and a distant abandonment that interrupts a moment of great uncertainty.

This year opens a new chapter for the Alternativ Quartet with two recordings that veer more and more from guitars to organs, synthesizers, wind instruments and classical percussion, giving the tracks a wider and more monumental sound: “from Doom to Autotune”.