Do you know Arpad Weisz?

performance, theater — 28.1.2024 17:00

Do you know Arpad Weisz? is a performance inspired by the book From the Championship to Auschwitz by Matteo Marani, whose protagonist is footballer and coach Arpad Weisz, one of the victims of the racial laws in Italy. Arpad Weisz’s story is disturbing and moving. It combines enthusiasm for a coach who revolutionized the game of football with the unease at the behavior of Italians and Europeans in the face of the insidious anti-Semitism that is gradually contaminating the continent.
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Language: Italian, with Romanian subtitles
Script based on the text “From the Championship to Auschwitz” by Matteo Marani
On stage: Consuelo Battiston and Leonardo Bianconi
Dramaturgy and direction: Gianni Farina
Visuals: Tania Zoffoli
Organisation: Maria Donnoli, Marco Molduzzi
Based on an idea by Elena Di Gioia in collaboration with Liberty / Stagione Agorà
Production: E production
Show presented by MENOVENTI
Partners: Italian Institute of Culture in Bucharest and The Jewish State Theatre in Bucharest

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, observed annually on January 27th, commemorates the victims of Nazi atrocities during World War II, coinciding with the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The date was designated by the United Nations General Assembly on 1 November 2005. Italy formally established the day of remembrance on the same date, several years before a similar UN resolution. The day commemorates the victims of the Holocaust, of racial laws, and those who risked their lives to protect persecuted Jews.