Resonances // Anniversary concert

concert, anniversary — 19.2.2024 16:30

On February 19, we are waiting for you at a unique event that brings together in one concert a good part of the guests over the years of the contemporary percussion segment … pas a pas…, curated between 2019 and 2021 by Prof. Dr. Mircea Ardeleanu, whose career and anniversary we celebrate on this occasion.

Prof. Juanjo Guillem (Spain)
Pablo Valarezo (Ecuador)
Margarita Laso (Ecuador)
Hayashi-Kelemen Jácint-Yuuka
Horváth Tamás
Réman Gergely
Alin Anușcă
Arina Grindean
Antonia Bodnar
Prof. Mircea Ardeleanu
and surprise guests

Dan Voiculescu - Semantron Flowers ┃ trio Horváth Tamás, Călin Lup, Alin Anușcă
Péter Szeghő - Piece for Solo Vibraphone ┃ solo Mircea Ardeleanu
J.S.Bach - Partita for cello solo ┃ transcription for cymbal, Réman Gergely
Juanjo Guillem - Piece for Solo Vibraphone ┃ solo Juanjo Guillem
Constantin Rîpă - Dustbins ┃ cvartet
Horváth Tamás - African Butterfly for Marimba Solo ┃ solo Horváth Tamás
Béla Bartók - Six Romanian Dances ┃ transcription for țambal and percution instruments, Réman Gergely, Hayashi-Kelemen Jácint-Yuuka, Horváth Tamás
from the Ecuadorian folklore - Ecuador my Love ┃ Pablo Valarezo, Margarita Laso
Juanjo Guillem - Homage a Xenakis (world premiere) ┃ trio semantron
Horațiu Rădulescu - The Origin ┃ solo Mircea Ardeleanu
Jacques Delécluse - Tambour brasilien ┃ surprise

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