Debate workshop - should there be censorship in the arts?

debate, discussion, workshop — 10.12.2023 16:00

The BBU Philosophy Student Debate Workshop was born in 2021 and brings together students, PhD students and professors from Cluj, who publicly debate current social, ethical or cultural issues relevant to young people. The workshop therefore organises regular debates in different formats, but mainly in the format of two teams of three students debating for or against a topic of their choice. The debate on Sunday, 10th of December 2023 will be attended by two teams of three, who will argue for or against the need for censorship in the arts. The jury will evaluate the two teams’ performances and include master’s students, PhD students and professors.

We are therefore waiting for you on Sunday at 18.00, at Casa Tranzit in Cluj, Barițiu street no. 16.

Coordinator: Conf. dr. Ciprian Mihali