Exhibition and forum // Tranzit Visual Lab

visual lab — 21.4.2024 14:00

For half a year, every weekend, Casa Tranzit House has been open to teenagers from Cluj and the immediate vicinity for experimentation in the visual arts. We worked with film and animation, photography and alternative photographic processes, mixed print and collage techniques. We are proud to invite you to celebrate this project together! So we’re hard at work on an exhibition and pedagogy forum. We’ve had a lot of enthusiasm and good cheer during this project. Come and share it with us!

21.04.2024 - 27.04.2024 | 12.00 - 17.00
Opening and discussion with the makers -21.04.2024 | 17.00

22.04.2024 |17.00 – 18.30|Places dedicated to educational art and young audiences
23.04.2024 |17.00 – 18.30|What is critical pedagogy?
24.04.2024 |17.00 – 18.30|Dialogue between Cluj students and representatives of the National Council for Combating Discrimination
25.04.2024 |17.00 – 18.30|Self-representation and community art
26.04.2024 |17.00 – 18.30|Tranzit House team about their own youth programmes
27.04.2024 |17.00 – 18.30|Where to? Project conclusions and exhibition closing

The project was made possible thanks to Kaufland Romania and the Foundation for Civil Society Development, to whom we would like to express our thanks.

Tranzit Visual Lab complements the regular programme of Tranzit House, where we have been developing for over 20 years extracurricular art education and critical pedagogy projects aimed at combating discrimination and segregation, raising awareness of otherness and ethnic and linguistic diversity, creating common spaces and incubating new resources for conviviality. Tranzit Visual Lab paid special attention to the participation of young people from the Pata Rât communities, who together with their families have suffered forced evictions and relocations, and who are constantly placed on the margins. Complementarily, the project was imagined alongside and had in its organisation team former beneficiaries and adults from the above mentioned communities.
The Tranzit Visual Lab project was run by Tranzit Foundation and was funded through the În Stare de Bine (Wellbeing) program, supported by Kaufland Romania and implemented by the Civil Society Development Foundation.

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About the În Stare de Bine programme:
The În Stare de Bine programme is an annual funding programme that provides non-reimbursable grants totalling €1 million per year to non-governmental organisations in Romania. The program is implemented by the Civil Society Development Foundation, with the financial support of Kaufland Romania. The objective of the programme is to increase the quality of life of people living in rural and urban communities by supporting initiatives that have a positive impact in three key areas - culture, sport and healthy living - and that address vulnerable groups and their communities. This year, exceptionally, the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has led to a partial reorientation of the programme towards supporting migrants and refugees displaced by the war in the neighbouring country. For more information, visit www.instaredebine.ro.

About Kaufland Romania:
Kaufland is one of the largest retail companies in Europe, with 1,300 stores in 8 countries, 132.000 employees and a network of 149 stores in Romania. Taking environmental and social responsibility is an essential aspect of Kaufland’s corporate policy. The company’s belief is that the world can be a better place through everyone’s involvement, which is why, in 2018, Kaufland developed the “Involvement makes a difference” platform, under the umbrella of which all social responsibility actions are communicated. Most of the company’s CSR projects are carried out in partnership with regional or national non-governmental associations and aim to implement complex social programmes that target large groups of beneficiaries. For more details visit www.kaufland.ro.

About Civil Society Development Foundation:
The Civil Society Development Foundation (FCSD) is an independent, non-governmental organisation, established in 1994, which promotes a strong and sustainable civil society, contributing to the defence of democratic values by supporting civil society actors, mobilising resources, fostering an enabling environment and strengthening cooperation with other sectors. More details are available at www.fdsc.ro